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Home Ductless System FAQs

Can I install my own ductless system?

There are manufacturers and others on the internet who over-simplify the installation of a ductless system. If the system is sold with pre-charged, quick connect refrigerant tubing, it is possible however since cutting the tubing to length is not possible the end result will not look like their pictures. In addition, these connections do not last as long as mechanically flared connections and if there is a problem with the O-ring seal at the time of installation you have a real mess on your hands. The labor warranty for any problems encountered at the time of installation and the first year is usually covered by the installing contractor, so if that’s you, you may be dealing with something totally beyond your ability.

Are ductless systems noisy?

No. Ductless system are incredibly quiet. Indoor units operate in the 40-50 dB range and outdoor units in the 50-60 dB range which is about the same as a new refrigerator.

What is the life expectancy of a ductless system?

About 20 years if properly installed.

Are ductless systems expensive?

No. The initial installation will be mor that a conventional ducted system, however, the increased efficiency (SEER rating) represents a savings of usually 30-50%. In addition to that the ductwork losses of a conventional system can be as much as 30% and with easier system zoning the usage diversity of only conditioning the areas as needed helps save a lot more money. Over the life of the system this savings can exceed the original expense.